All spray tanning appointments include a colour consultation and your tanning technician brings the entire range of product to achieve the best result possible. All spray tanning solutions are rapid developing. We are very particular about application and can almost guarantee the #bestspraytanever. We do recommend that all hair removal be done at least 24 hours prior, that you exfoliate in the shower in the lead up to your appointment and that no moisturiser or deodorant be worn at the time of your appointment. For more information on spray tanning, including preparation hints and tips, please go over to our Spray Tanning page.

Naked Tan & Moroccan Tan

$50 within the Palm Cove, Redlynch, Stratford & Holloways beach boundaries.

$55 in the Cairns city and surrounding areas.

$60 for Port Douglas and the Tablelands.

Book a group of 5 or more Spray Tans in one location and receive $5 off the price of each tan.


Please allow approximately 1-1.5 hours for application of a full set of lashes. For more information on application procedure and technique used, please go over to our Lashes page.


One lash on each of your full grown, natural lashes for gorgeously lush lashes (up to 80 lashes per eye) – $125.


40-50 lashes from the outer eye, blended into your natural lashes – $75.


20-30 lashes from the outer eye, blended into your natural lashes – $45.


$50 minimum, includes 20 replacement lashes per eye. Usually around 4-6 weeks after application.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER – LASH & TAN. A full set of Eyelash Extensions & a Spray Tan – $150.

We will travel outside the nominated service areas for group bookings.
An additional travel fee may be included, depending on your location.
Our standard travel fee is $1 per kilometre. Please contact us for more information.